Sunday, July 14, 2024
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small bay with waves turning along the reef.


Kitesurf Conditions:

» wind direction sideshore to side onshore from south east to east

» clean waves turning inside the bay at medium to high tide

» medium chopp to medium windwaves at low tide

» powerfull beachbreak and intensive chopp at hightide

» small bay limited by  a reef and rock massive in the upwind direction

» fishermen`s fence in the upwind direction

» some submerged rocks

Location / Village:

» spot directly beside the road

» native barrachas at the beach

» no further infrastructure

Road Map / how to come:

get on the CE 085 direction to Paracuru. At the branch line to Paracuru go straight ahead following the CE 085 further 37 km and then straight on to the CE 163 direction Trairi. From Trairi you head to Flexeiras and Mundau (Praias). After 9 km turn left at a roundabout and you will arrive in Embuaca.




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