Monday, June 24, 2024
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Icarai di Amontada

reef protected  playground in a small bay.

icarai di amontada

Kitesurf Conditions:

» wind direction sideshore to side onshore from south east to east

» further downwind the wind get`s more onshore

» flat to small windwaves at low tide

» medium chopp to moderate beachbreak at high tide

» bay protected by a small submerged reef in upwind direction

» fishermen`s fences in upwind direction

» parked boats in the village center

Location / Village:

» very clean village with hughe amount of palmtrees

» several barrachas and restaurants

» all kind of accomodation

» kite infrastructure available

Road Map / how to come:

coming from the east (Fortaleza) just stay on the CE 085 until the sign to Icarai di Amontada. also coming from the west (Prea) just arrive at the roundabout.



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