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Anton Custom "Free.K"

anton custom prea

Recently the new Anton Custom "Free.K" shape for 2014 arrived in Prea and I was eager and stoked to get my hands and feet on the board. Some days @ the homespot  I´m ready and confident enough to summ up the features, impressions and conclusions.

 IMG 1316    anton custom free.k

The board I´m using is 138x43cm and  as I use Bindings 43cm width  is the minimum measurement in order  to have no troubles with small waves and choppy conditions. The length of 138cm guarantees a long effective edge in the water to provide easy upwind , easy and forgiving landing with substantial forward power,  a clean and controlled take off and  better stability in the air.

anton custom prea homesot

Getting the first glimpse of the board .... there is a lot going on with this board. First of all the board is taylor made and the finishing is flawless. Handmade in Germany all over - what else can you wish for?  Significant in first sight are also the traction channel and 2 differential and leveld side channels.  After the first ride it was already clear that everything on the board works together in splendid synchronicity and gives the board  a great feel and high performance.

anton custom prea unhooked

 Scoop Rocker / Tip Rocker:

The board has a medium scoop rocker that makes it very fast and easy to start gliding. Especially between the bindings  in the stance  area the medium scoop rockerline makes the board very fast even in low wind conditions.  The rocker in the tips is very balanced in relation to the binding area and big enough to have no trouble in small waves and choppy conditions. The flex in the Tip section is medium+. The result is that the board goes with ease through choppy conditions and the tips distort according to the wave pattern without activating any unwanted restoring force in the tips. When it comes to throw a trick the tips deliver a clean, powerfull, progressive and balanced take off. Just riding, the combination between the rocker  and the channels, show a smooth and exceptional stable ride without any kind of spray or bouncing off in the tip section.


The big traction channel keep the board on speed during turns and bring a lot of stability to the ride. Due to that characteristics and stability the use of smaller fins - that even increase the boardspeed - can be used  in order to have a very loose and smooth turning board. Keeping the board on track even overpowered is a piece of cake. The additional traction channels give the board more lateral area even when the board is not completely on the edge. All channels work together in sync and the water flow and release is without any turbulences.


A sharpened and sloped tucked under edge has a hughe impact on many features of performance. The board realy holds very tight at overpowered conditions and  has a very smooth realease at take off. Absolutely remarkable is that there is no spray even in choppy conditions. Shape and sharpness of the rail design have a high impact on the percentage of landed tricks.


The quality of the board and the finishing is simply splendid.

anton custom homespot prea

Target Group:

The board in this customization is for riders that want to have a great board for all kind of Freestyle and Wakestyle ambitions. Either you are already in that level, or if you are starting with your first unhooked tricks this is something that will allow you to achieve a higher level or ease into it.  As the boards are taylor made , any specific changes to certain demands can be achieved in the building process.


I was entirely very impressed with the board and the performance. Settling in a price range just above mass produced boards the board is an absolute bargain. Especially when you take in consideration that boards from the shelf only in rare cases are realy performing according  to your personal needs and demands. The craftmanship made in Germany reflects in any aspect of the board and the shaper has open ears for and wishes and demands. An absolutely perfect Customer Service and in case warranty together with a splendid product deserves a big shiny spotlight on Anton Custom Bords.

To get more Infos about the entire Board range click Here:  Anton Custom Boards

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