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Ceara can be classsified as a typical semiarid climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate, with high temperatures and high relative humidity throughout the year. This kind of climate is marked by  low annual precipitation, usually (but not always) between 250-500 mm (10-20 in) of precipitation. a more differencial description of this climate is in as intermediate between the desert climates and humid climate. In general you can divide the seasons in dry and wet seasons. Depending on the actual location in Ceara the rainy season varies from Jannuary to June. Areas more in the north east can have about 2 month less of rain and more constant and reliable wind. This phenomenon is caused by local weather circumstances - especially the direction of the coastline, the ammount of vegetation  and the number and size of dunes protecting the area from incoming clouds because of the accending warm air .

climate zones

The ammount of sun hours during the windy season is very high. The UV index is normaly between 7 and 10.The risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure can be measured between medium and high.Precautions should be taken. Water temperature is hardly changing throughout the year in generell you can describe it as an all year no neopren area.

Although annual rainfall averages between 500 and 800 millimeters over most of the semiarid climate the yearly precipitation in the Coast area of Ceara will reach aprox. and 1300 millimeters. Local geopraphical differences along the coast like dunes and vegetation will also influence the amount as well as the propability of extensive rainfalls during the rainy season. Due to the semi arid climate the humidity usualy doesn´t change very much throughout the year. The amount of wind during the season influences the perception due to the wind chill.




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